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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Casey Hampton Gets His Wish; Reed Franchised

This is probably how I would react if I were given $11 million guaranteed. Especially the shirt off part.

After publicly stating his desire not to be franchise tagged, Casey Hampton got his wish today by signing a 3 year, $21 million deal, with $11 million of that being guaranteed. Not sure what I think about this just yet. Not having a salary cap next season probably helps to make better sense of this deal. I for one was hoping he got tagged. I think a pissed off Big Snack would come to camp more motivated next season since he would be playing for his next deal. Now, he has nothing to worry about and may come to camp as a hot air balloon. On the other hand, we have no viable replacement for him at the moment so I am glad he is back on the team. I would be surprised if he lasts the duration of the deal though unless he really gets in shape the next few years. Thoughts? I will comment back to anything worthwhile.

Also, I realize we haven't posted in a while but it is the off-season for us as well. Not that much relevant has happened since we failed to make the playoffs. More posts will be coming with the start of free agency and the draft approaching. Some things that should have been mentioned but weren't due to general malaise and depression from not making the post-season:

1) Dick LeBeau making the Hall of Fame-apologies to St. Dick. This is a much deserved honor that was too long in coming. He is still in the top ten all time for interceptions and he is a defensive innovator. Congrats.

2) Omar Khan not named GM of the Seahawks. Our front office flies under the radar most of the time because we rarely make a splash in free agency, trade anyone or doing anything flashy. This is a good thing in my opinion because our personnel rarely gets pillaged. Our chief negotiator and cap guru, Omar Khan, was up for the Seahawks GM gig but was not selected. Good news for us. In that same vain...

3) We lost Doug Whaley, the pro scouting coordinator to the Buffalo Bills Assistant GM position. Brandon Hunt was hired as his replacement. Hunt was with the Steelers from 2005-2007 as a scout, then was with the Texans until we hired him back after Whaley departed. I think this is something to be concerned about a little. Our scouting department is generally superb so losing one of our top guys could result in a drop off.

4) New coaches hired:

a) Scottie Montgomery, WR Coach-played for Denver and Carolina, held same position with football powerhouse Duke from 2006-2009
b) Al Everest, Special Teams Coordinator, formerly held the same position with SF
c) Jerry Olsavsky-Defensive Quality Control Coach, played LB for the Steez from 1989-1997
d) Sean Kugler-Offensive Line Coach, Bills O-line coach from 2008-2009. The Bills gave up 46 sacks last season, leaving them only 4 behind our total of 50. With Ben at the helm, I bet we can reach 50 again next year.
e) Randy Fichtner-QB Coach, replaces Ken Anderson who retired. Fichtner was our WR coach


While I was typing this post, Jeff Reed was designated our Franchise Player, earning him a $2.8 million dollar pay day next season. No cap. No worries. Push this off tell 2011, if there is a season. I am a Reed fan. He is very reliable and he provides endless hours of entertainment with his internet pics and Sheetz rage incidents. The downside is he stinks at kicking off. Josh claims he was ranked as 40th in the league last season. Please sign a kickoff specialist and give him a chance in camp. Then we can finally cut Tony Hills and have someone he actually contributes to the team taking up a roster spot.


Josh said...

I'm excited to have Big Snack back. If there were a salary cap, I'd be a little concerned at the amount of money given to a 2-down player, but without one, this is probably a great deal. The deal is probably front loaded so if performance declines he could be released later on. That said, I'd be surprised if Casey isn't around for the full three years. Big Snack is primarily a space eater in the run game. Guys like Pat Williams and Ted Washington (read: huge, guys not known for conditioning) played at a high level into their late 30s. Hopefully the Snack can dominate for the next three years and the FO can find a worthy replacement in the draft.

Anonymous said...

Heeb, you'd take off your shirt for $5, or free. Just give the kid a hard-hat and he turns into a stripper, complete with shirt waving. Trust me, I've seen it, multiple times!

I'm very interested in this year's draft, we're getting old in some areas and I believe the players we choose will have a big impact on the futire of this team. Hopefully is will good, and not bad. I like this Rolando Mclain kid, and Myron Rolle (road scholar, VERY smart safety). Thoughts???


Elliot said...

I must say that is one of the most poorly typed comments ever posted on this blog but I will respond anyway.

Hopefully is will good, and not bad-I have no clue what that sentence was supposed to say. It's like you were texting on T9 Word and didn't look before you sent it, only you weren't.

Also, clearly the draft will have a big impact on the future of this team captain obvious. I think we have to go one of three ways in the first round-CB, OLine or DLine but I could see LB because Farrior is slow as molasses. And yes, I would probably pay you to let me take my shirt off. The hard-hat lives on!