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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tomlin Thursday v. 6.0

YEAH THURSDAY! We had been trying to find a pic of Tomlin in the pink breast cancer hat for a while. This morning the dream came to fruition. Here, Coach Mike explains to Andrea why sideline reporters and their questions are worthless.

Huge game this week vs. the undefeated Minnesota Favres. Here is a preview:

A team called the Vikings,
Has an offense so striking, While led by a QB quite old and quite gray.
But though Adrian's a speeder, Tomlin's our leader;
And the Vikings our Steez will outplay.

-Jenn Z.

For those that remember, Tomlin was the D-Coordinator for the Vikes before becoming the Steelers' Head Coach. Luckily, Tomlin's defensive wizardry caught the Steelers attention and resulted in him becoming head coach.

Tomlin and Childress are considering whether Childress should ever coach without his hat. Also being discussed were facial hair options for both going into the future.

Clearly, Brad did not listen to Tomlin's advice. If he had, he would not look like this.

Although he is donning Vikes gear, he still looks like a badass. The Black and Gold just take it to a whole other level.


Since fumbling has become an issue, Tomlin is taking matters into his own hands. I would not want him hitting me.



David said...

Do you think that Brad Childress will have to stay in the locker room during the punt, pass and kick competition if the Vikings make it to the the NFC Championship game because of Megan's Law?

Anonymous said...

You know Tomlin wants this game, BAD! I hope the team gets up for him and puts a spanking on the Vikes. Kudos to Jenn Z for all the great Tomlin Thursday prose!! That man is well deservant of such wonderful literature.