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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tomlin Thursday Bye Week Edition

The Steelers veteran players received the week off from Coach Mike, but Tomlin Thursday does not take time off for anyone. Tomlin heard we were still posting pics this week and got super pumped. Or maybe he is just excited because we are 5-2 heading into the bye week after beating his former team.


Playing his old team raised the stakes,

But Tomlin proved once more he's got what it takes

To pit the Steelers against the NFC's best.

And now, in week 8, a much-deserved rest.

-Jenn Z.

With no football this week, Tomlin wants to remind us what we are playing for and where this team should end up. There is only one goal and it is Stairway to Seven.

I think this speaks for itself.

He is a learned man. Look how proud he is to be back at his alma mater.

No questions until next week. Enjoy a Sunday without the nerves.


Ushma said...

The school id pic is adorable. I totes love the pic of him and his kids following him though too, esp with the one wearing a Ward jers.. Love it! Keep up the good work, Gelfands!

Anonymous said...

You ever think of what you would say to coach if you met him? I do,... often.

Elliot said...

Please write a post that is a hypothetical conversation between you and coach. We will post it. Or just write what you want to say to him

Anonymous said...

Me: Coach I just want to personally thank you for choosing to come to coach in Pittsburgh.

Coach: Thank-you it's my pleasure to be associated with such a great organization.

Me: As a life-long Steeler fan, I feel you truly embody the fundamentals and ideals that this franchise stands for.

Coach: You seem like a pretty smart guy, maybe you'd like to come watch a practice some time.

Me: That'd be great, I consider you one of my heros and you truly are an inspration; not just as a coach, but as a man.

Coach: Maybe after this we could go grab a burger.

Me: I just want to say that I really admire your focus, and your desire to be at your best, always improving and learning from the past.

Coach: You really sound like you know what you're talking about. How would you like to an assistant coach. You can follow me around on the sideline and make sure I don't trip over the cord that goes to my headset.


Anonymous said...

Tomlin conversation addition:

Me: By the way; You had one sweet-ass flat-top back in the day.

Coach: Thanks, that thing was known to hold bricks straight up in the air without any deformation what-so-ever.

Me: That's one gnarly weave!