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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tomlin Thursdays

We are starting a new feature at Steezbros and we are calling it Tomlin Thursdays. We have much love and respect for Coach Tomlin and we want to celebrate his general awesomeness and badassness with a photo tribute each and every Thursday this season. Feel free to submit your favorite Tomlin pics to us so we can add them to the collection. Here's to you, Coach Tomlin!

Obviously pleased with someone. They achieved the rare double point and smile.

Celebrating the Superbowl victory

Although at the outset of this season, Tomlin refused to discuss a repeat, it seams like he wasn't too shy at the victory parade. He has 7 fingers held up.Basking in the Superbowl championship while still looking like a hardass


Anonymous said...

This is great!!! Easily my new favorite column if this blog!!! Need to do another point/counterpoint - Dueling Heebs article again too.

Anonymous said...

Tomlin is the most badass coach in the league. Steezbros is the most badass Steelers blog on the interwebs.

Nice choice of photos for week 1.

Anonymous said...

How do you post a pic....


I call it "Glory on the Horizon"

Great column...