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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Firings Continue

According to the Post-Gazette, Special Teams Coordinator, Bob Ligashesky, has been fired. It really should not come as a surprise since our coverage and return units were both ranked near the bottom of the league. Although Logan did set the record for return yards for the Steelers he almost never had decent running lanes. As mentioned in the article, Bobby April is available who would be an awesome get for the Steez.


Anonymous said...

This is great! By far, the most warrented firing so far. Glad to hear Tomlin is addressing on-the-field issues. What's with this Bobby April I keep hearing about though? Is he really that great? How good can he be if he got fired from Buffalo?


Elliot said...

He didn't really get fired. They were firing the entire staff and he opted out of staying on for the remaining two years of his contract. He is one of the better special teams coaches in the league. He was also our special teams coach in 1994-1995.

Anonymous said...

We got a new O-line coach. How bout a piece on him? Who the hell is he anyway?


Anonymous said...

Fired em