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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tomlin Thursday v. 5.0

Here we see Tomlin after getting the news that Aaron Smith is done for the year. It is a gloomy day here at Steezbros, but nothing like some Tomlin love to cheer us up and a haiku to get the D pumped up:

Steez D brings the blitz;

Browns offense does not progress.

Dog pound barks not bites.

Coach Mike heard about the winter storm about to crush PA and brought out the beanie. Winter is coming early everywhere this season. Break out the skis! It's Steeler weather.

How can this image not cheer you up? We are still the champs! If you buy into Bill Simmons 5 year grace period after a championship theory, no complaining is allowed until 2014.

How awesome is the 'burgh? Tomlin knows. Don't try to tell him otherwise.

A blast from the past. Could anyone else rock a shirt like that tucked into jeans and still project an aura of confidence and badassness? I think not.

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