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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tomlin Thursday v. 4.0

After giving the greatest motivational speech ever, Tomlin had the boys fired up and it showed vs. SD. Let's hope we can continue the trend this week against Detroit. Coach Tomlin, we salute you!

Another Tomlin Thursday, another ode to the Steelers from Jenn Z. We have a reader submitted photo this week as well. Thanks for sending stuff, we really appreciate it.

Quarter Season Sonnet

Week one- a low scoring, defensive brawl;

Oertime ended, and the Titans wore scowls

But Steelers rejoiced when Reed kicked the ball.

Titans regret marring Terrible Towels.

Week two and week three had no good result.

Just as we Steez fans began to feel down,

Tomlin inspired without placing fault.

Against the Chargers, they turned it around.

As Mendenhall runs for yard after yard,

And their D-Backs Big Ben’s passing destroys,

Steelers will show no mercy or regard

Defeating Detroit, who’ll make little noise.

Week five is the first step to take control

Of division, conference, and Superbowl!

Thanks to our biggest fan E$ in Chi town for this vintage Tomlin Photo. Can you see the greatness already?

Tomlin preparing Obama for his subsequent visit after this season.

'Tone and Mike joking about dropped balls. I don't really think it's that funny.

Could anyone look more badass in a suit? I think not.

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Great pics and post!