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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Replay Rules about to be changed

Per PFT and many other sources, changes are most likely coming to the NFL Replay System as a result of the last play in the Steelers-Chargers game Sunday. Anyone that saw the play was sure it was a touchdown. I still don't understand the ref's explanation for why it was called back. The change will allow the referee to return to the replay booth a second time if they still aren't sure about the call. As for the Steeer-Charger game, I think they should be allowed to retroactively change the score to what it would have been had the TD been allowed. (Full disclosure, I was affected in a handicapper league that uses spreads. I am sure there are a lot of gamblers that would appreciate a score change as well. Vegas would not.) In this instance, it was the last play of the game, the outcome was not affected, why not get it right whenever possible. Earlier in the season we had a botched call that did effect the outcome in the SD-Denver game. Some may argue that you would need to go back and change that score as well. However, you could not go back and change the score for that game. That play happened with some time left and plays happened afterward that still could have won the game for either team.

Look for these changes to take effect for the playoffs.

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