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Thursday, March 5, 2009

T.O. and the Steelers?

For possibly the first and only time, Terrell Owens name was mentioned in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Steelers. On ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike this morning, they were discussing the Cowboy's release of T.O. and possible landing places for him. I don't remember which Mike it was but midway through the list Pittsburgh was mentioned. Any Steeler fan that was listening at that point had to do whatever you do when you hear something you can't believe. I would say double take, but that'swhat you do when you see something you don't believe.

This is what gets me about national sports coverage guys. They know alot about the NFL generally but they don't for the most part have any specialized knowledge about individual teams. Prime example from Peter King's MMQB earlier this season. This is what Peter had to say when Kendall Simmons was lost to injury, "Now that Kendall Simmons, the best player on the line, leaves a yawning gap at guard by going on injured reserve..." Kendall Simmons and best player on the line appear in the same sentence. This is almost as preposterous as T.O. and Pittsburgh being utterred in the same sentence. Any Steeler fan could tell you that Kendall was not even close to our best lineman and he may have been our worst. Peter King just sees that he was the highest paid lineman and assumed he was our best. Extrapolate to Max Starks.

The point is that no Steeler fan would think we could afford to bring in T.O. No Steeler fan would want us to get T.O. and no Steeler fan would think in a million years that Tomlin or the Rooneys would bring in a guy that has destroyed numerous locker rooms and only cares about himself. The Steelers rarely bring in lousy character guys, especially via free agency. The Steelers rarely bring in any big free agents, let alone an aging if not aged WR, who is a cancer and will cost a ton. If they do end up with a bad character player, they usually part ways sooner rather than later (See Plaxico Burress). Could he help our team: Yes. Do I want him on my team: never. He is way more trouble than he is worth. How do people that cover sports for their living miss something this simple? If T.O. is signed by the Steelers, I will be starting a charity that sends blankets and space heaters to hell because it has truly frozen over.

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