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Friday, June 12, 2009

Steez Cafe

The other day my roommate who plays football for Pitt took me to the UPMC Southside facility where Pitt and the Steez practice to eat lunch at the Steelers Cafe knowing how much I love the Steelers and that I would really enjoy seeing them. We got down there and walked through the indoor practice field and across the parking lot full of luxury vehicles, most populated by models made by Cadillac. I quickly pointed out Max Starks Black Hummer as I saw him drive past my house in it last week. We then walk into the Steelers side of the complex which I have never been in (I've been in the Pitt side a few times with a field trip or a friend who plays) with no resistance from the guard at the door. We then walked in to the cafeteria and ordered a sandwich and me being a Steez Cafe virgin not knowing how things worked took a bunch of shit for not knowing what I wanted and changing my mind from the Lunch Lady behind the counter. She was extremely nice and knowledgeable though. She told us that the Steez were practicing at Heinz Field today and that they should be returning very shortly and will shower up and come eat. Sure enough as we looked out the window four buses were pulling into the facility. If the buses were blue, our coach eight million years old, and our players college athletes playing in the middle of nowhere it would have been exactly like Happy Vally. The first person of the buses was Mikey T with Bungy attached directly to his hip much like JoePa and Zach Mills or Michael Robinson. The next player off the bus who was almost attached to Ben's hip was Jeff "Skippy" Reed (might have thought he was a Sheetz towel dispenser). Then the masses unloaded from the buses and every player you could think of was there except for Tone. As we continued to eat some coaches I didn't recognize filed in and the first player in the cafeteria was Ben. As the players and coaches had just received their new rings which are literally twice the size of the XL ring I was hoping that one of them would be wearing the ring but alas no dice. Ben was wearing a nice pair of capri sweatpants however. He quickly grabbed a cup of soup and a water and tried to dart out. A guy asked him about how he thought he would play at Bethpage and Ben excitedly answered that he'll find out this weekend. He genuinely seemed to be pumped about getting to play the Open course much like anyone would be. Apparently playing on the greatest stage of one sport doesn't prevent you from getting giddy about playing a practice round on another. Overall it was a cool experience and it was nice to get to see the players but nothing too exciting just a little insight that the guys are really just regular guys that happen to get paid a shitload of money to play football.

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