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Monday, March 23, 2009


The Post Gazette is reporting that the Steez will kickoff the 2009 NFL season with the Tennesee Titans on September 10th. This will welcome back Nate Washington and Chris Hope to Heinz Field along with the last team to beat the reigning Super Bowl Champions. Speculators were predicting the opener would be against the Titans or Ravens. Tired of being beaten in prime time, the Ravens asked the NFL to be spared the embarrassment of playing the Steelers in front of a national audience.

Let's not forget that the Titans were also the last team to fall victim to the Terrible Towel Curse after LenDale "I'm a lard-ass" White and Keith Bullock stomped and wiped their nose with our beloved towel. Karma is a bitch and they got theirs and all's well that end's well. Hopefully, the Steez will return an asswhooping to kickoff the repeat.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Free agency update

Notable free agents that visited Pittsburgh or were rumored to be interested:

Joey Galloway signed with New England

Chris Carr signed with Baltimore

Khalif Barnes signed with Oakland

Great googly moogly.

I still think the team brings in an experienced wide receiver (Joe Jurevicious anyone?), but the O-line and the cornerback positions will likely be addressed in the draft. Only 40 days to go.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Steelers Front Office Not High on O-Line?

Sometimes I wander around the library and end up checking out ridiculous books that I never intend to read. It's kind of like when you go to the grocery store hungry and later, after a big meal, wonder if you really needed to buy seven boxes of fruit snacks. Well, a couple weeks back I checked out a book that discussed different perspectives on time. I didn't intend to read the book, but I really wanted to take a test that would reveal my personal perspective on time. There were many subcategories, but what I learned is that each person is focused on the past, present, or future. If you are focused on the past, you love to say things like "remember when...". If you are focused on the present, you probably wouldn't hesitate to call in sick to work to go skiing on an awesome powder day (and forget that when you show up at work with windburn the next day it might be tough to believe you a had a one day stomach flu). It turns out that my focus is not rooted in the past or present, but rather on the future. It's why I prefer to call it a night early, because I'd rather feel good the next morning than drink that extra jager bomb. Or maybe I'm just a loser.

Why do I mention all this? Because the post gazette reported that Willie Colon just signed a one year deal. Colon was a two year starter at right tackle and was given the highest tender offer as a restricted free agent, so it was unsurprising that he re-signed with the Steelers. But the length of the deal is a surprise. I expcted him to sign a long term contract.

There have been many cries to revamp the entire offensive line, but the Steelers have kept the line that played in the Super Bowl intact. However, it might not be because they love the line, but because they can't do any better in 2009. Only two starting lineman have contracts that will keep them with the Steelers beyond 2009, Chris Kemoeatu, who signed a four year deal this offseason, and Darnell Stapleton. Max Starks signed a one-year tender as the Steelers franchise player. Colon signed a one-year deal as a RFA. And Justin Hartwig is entering the final year of his contract. The front office has publicly stated that it is trying to sign Starks to a long-term deal, but there is little incentive for the left tackle to sign a deal that will pay him less than the $8.5 million he'll earn in 2009. The Steelers entered 2008 with uncertainty about the future of the line. It's apparent they will enter 2009 with the same uncertainty.

If nothing changes, the Steelers will need to address both offensive tackle positions (with Tony Hills as the only possible replacement still on the team) and the center position again next offseason. With the visits by Joey Galloway and Chris Carr this week, the front office is trying to eliminate depth issues at wide receiver and corner, freeing the team to draft at other positions of need. If these players are signed, I would expect this draft class to be heavy on offensive lineman. By drafting lineman this year, there won't be any pressure on them to start immediately. Instead they can spend a year learning behind the current line, while preparing to take over for 2010. I know the Steelers like to take the best player available, but if Kevin Colbert is as focused on the future as I am, this draft class will feature multiple lineman in the early rounds.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

T.O. and the Steelers?

For possibly the first and only time, Terrell Owens name was mentioned in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Steelers. On ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike this morning, they were discussing the Cowboy's release of T.O. and possible landing places for him. I don't remember which Mike it was but midway through the list Pittsburgh was mentioned. Any Steeler fan that was listening at that point had to do whatever you do when you hear something you can't believe. I would say double take, but that'swhat you do when you see something you don't believe.

This is what gets me about national sports coverage guys. They know alot about the NFL generally but they don't for the most part have any specialized knowledge about individual teams. Prime example from Peter King's MMQB earlier this season. This is what Peter had to say when Kendall Simmons was lost to injury, "Now that Kendall Simmons, the best player on the line, leaves a yawning gap at guard by going on injured reserve..." Kendall Simmons and best player on the line appear in the same sentence. This is almost as preposterous as T.O. and Pittsburgh being utterred in the same sentence. Any Steeler fan could tell you that Kendall was not even close to our best lineman and he may have been our worst. Peter King just sees that he was the highest paid lineman and assumed he was our best. Extrapolate to Max Starks.

The point is that no Steeler fan would think we could afford to bring in T.O. No Steeler fan would want us to get T.O. and no Steeler fan would think in a million years that Tomlin or the Rooneys would bring in a guy that has destroyed numerous locker rooms and only cares about himself. The Steelers rarely bring in lousy character guys, especially via free agency. The Steelers rarely bring in any big free agents, let alone an aging if not aged WR, who is a cancer and will cost a ton. If they do end up with a bad character player, they usually part ways sooner rather than later (See Plaxico Burress). Could he help our team: Yes. Do I want him on my team: never. He is way more trouble than he is worth. How do people that cover sports for their living miss something this simple? If T.O. is signed by the Steelers, I will be starting a charity that sends blankets and space heaters to hell because it has truly frozen over.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Interview with Max Starks

Everyone, check out this interview with the recently franchised Max Starks at Steel Curtain Radio. He provides some excellent insight to everything that has been going on recently with the Steelers and the NFL.

Check out my 1 on 1 Interview wit Max Starks

Click Link to Listen:

Show Topics:
1.Max Starks talks About Free Agency and his Long Term Plans
2.Max talks about what makes Big Ben so Special?
3.Max gives his thought son Albert Haynesworth's Deal
4.Max speaks on the media’s focus on contracts?
5.Max gives his thoughts on Demarcus Ware
6.Max gives his thoughts on the differences between Tomlin and Cowher

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recent Developments in Steez Land

Nate Washington-Peace
Most recently, Nate Washington signed with the Tennessee Titans yesterday. The contract was for 6 years and $27 million with $9 million guaranteed. Seems a little steep for a third receiver. It was never realistic for the Steelers to keep him especially at this price. Nate does have explosive speed. He also has the tendency to drop alot of balls. His likely replacement will be Limas Sweed who will replace the dropped balls adequately. (See AFC Championship Game). Many receivers make big jumps in terms of productivity in their second year. Let's hope this is true for Limas. I really want to break out my Limas Jersey. In an interview with Bruce Arians regarding the departure of Nate, he also mentions someone by the name of Martin Nance as a possible replacement. I have never heard of this Nance character. Apparently he has been on the practice squad. One practice squader not mentioned was Dallas Baker. Arians also mentions drafting a receiver as a replacement for Nate.

Chris K-Is Back, Needs to Step it Up
On the offensive line, Chris K. will be coming back to the Steelers to anchor the left guard spot. He signed a $20 million deal over 5 years. For a few moments, it had looked as if the Jets may steal him away from us but he used his better judgment and returned to the Steez. This means that for better or worse, we will have the same starting line next year as we had for most of the season and the playoffs. Starks at LT, Kemo at LG, Hartwig at Center, Stapleton at RG and Colon at RT. If Kemo would have left, we would have most likely been looking at Trai Essex starting in his place and pretty thin at back ups for the guard spot. Now, the Steelers need to decide whether to bring back Essex, which I think they will. If they don't bring back Essex, it is surefire sign that they plan on drafting a decent amount of Hogs in April.

Even though the Steelers won the big game with this line, you can't have your $100 million QB getting sacked over 45 times and hit countless more times. You can take it to the bank that the Steeler brain trust will be drafting O-lineman early and often in this years draft. Something can be said for continuity of play for an O-line. But I think there should be competition for some positions this year. I think Starks and Hartwig and most likely Kemo are safe but if we draft a rookie guard or two you never know. I would love to see Tony Hills get a real shot at right tackle with Colon moving to what some think is his natural position of guard (let's hope it is his natural position because he stinks at tackle) and competing with Stapleton and maybe a draft pick.

Bryant McFadden-Still on the Market, Steez Still Have Shot
The initial frenzy of free agency has come and gone. McFeezy is still out there. He met with, you guessed it, the AZ Cardinals yesterday but so far, nothing has been announced. Word is the Steelers are still interested but can't afford anything close to what some CB's have been getting so far. I really would love to see him come back. He has been solid against the run and the pass. He is aggressive and a hard hitter. If we lock him up, we have a very solid secondary again next season. That being said, I believe the Steelers brass is very high on Big Play Willie Gay and so am I. He filled in more than admirably for Bryant when he was hurt this season and received alot of playing time throughout the year. Another reason I want McFadden to return is, I don't want us to have to draft a CB high. Yes, maybe we could get someone better who would also give us much needed kick/punt return ability. However, McFadden fits great within our system. A rookie is a rookie and has to be developed. It is also a draft pick that we can't use for some other position we need. O-line, D-line, Safety (Clark and Ty Carter are free agents next season along with a lot of other guys-we can't keep them all), LB-Foote and Farrior will soon be departing, WR, TE-Heath may be gone next season. I say save the pick, save the energy to develop someone and sign McFeezy. As more and more days pass, it seems we could get him for less than we originally thought it was going to take. Kevin Colbert, get on it.