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Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Win! And I am $10 richer...

One thing I love about living in Pittsburgh is that no matter where you go during the season, someone is talking about the Steelers. Professors ask their classes how many people are going to the game and then with a goofy smile admit they too are going too, so class will end a little early. I over heard two girls in a park today talking about how the game clock should have been managed at the end of the game last night. It's awesome to be surrounded by that atmosphere.

Now, here are my observations I wrote down as I was watching the game. A live blog of sorts.

-Interesting move having Najeh "Dump" Davenport returning the opening kick. The guy has been sitting on the couch all year and hasn't been hit for 9 months. Why not just toss him out there and let him return kicks. We have the worst returners ever. On one particular punt Santonio Holmes caught the ball and basically stood there trying to figure out which way to run. Can't we just find someone who will catch the ball and run straight ahead as quickly as possible?
-------------------On one return, Najeh got tackled by Jax's kicker.

-Mewelde Moore looked great running and catching the ball. Hopefully he stays a part of the offense once Fast Willie returns.

-1st sack of Big Ben, Jax only rushed 3 or 4. (Our line looked confused early with Stapleton in there but I thought they improved throughout the game and generally had a decent game.)
-early in the game I wrote down that this might be one of the worst teams I have ever seen in handling the blitz-I changed my mind on that as the game went along
-It seemed Ben gets hit on every single play
-I think we ran the fake screen, then handoff play at least three times in the first quarter. It would be nice if we actually threw a screen. (this changed as the game went along too)
-These fakes made a lot more sense when a few plays later we faked the handoff and then threw to Moore coming out of the backfield. Moore is very quick. Did I mention I like him alot?

-Multiple throws to the TE's, one for a touch in the same quarter. It is a miracle!

-Great play call on 2nd and goal for that touch. Play action to Miller. He was wide open. Awesome response to the pick 6.

-Our 3rd and long D has me scared everytime. They gave up a 3rd and 9 and then a 3rd and 10 on the next series. That drive ended in a TD.

-O- line had two false starts in the first quarter. I was shocked that our line after Simmons got hurt wasn't Colon at guard and bring in Starks at Right tackle. I was even more surprised when Essex came in at left tackle later in the game to replace Smith. Starks is 7 million that will never play apparently barring an emergency.

-I was impressed with the early no huddle and Ben's play calling. Wish they would have stayed with it longer. Went a little conservative in the 2nd half.

-Reed is money in the bank. Then he made the tackle on the ensuing kickoff. THe only decent return we let up. Coverage units have been good so far this year.

-I thought the D did a great job closing the cutback lanes for the Jags running backs. Normally, this is where we get gashed. Not last night. Also, Troy is back to form. He has been awesome this year and seemingly everywhere.

-Mitch Berger is awful

-McFadden has been great

-Anthony Smith I mean Ryan Clark had a stupid penalty and if you didn't notice, Tomlin knew the ball was tipped

-On the Jags 4th Q touchdown Chris Hoke had dropped into coverage. He's a D lineman

-Ben refuses to throw it away or run for first downs.

-Actually saw 5 WR sets for the first time this year.

-Roughing the passer on James Harrison was a terrible call.

-we had 124 penalty yards. That's the most I can remember in a while on the Steelers.

-Ben had an amazing game. Throwing a perfect strike to Hines Ward 20 yards downfield while being pulled down was unbelievable.

-Huge win going into the bye week with Baltimore losing and all the injuries. We need to beat Cin after the bye because then it gets really tough.



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