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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keith Butler Next to Join Pittsburgh West?

Per PFT,the Steelers have given the Arizona Cardinals permission to interview Keith Butler, the Steelers linebacker coach for the past 6 seasons, for their vacant Defensive Coordinator position. The position came open recently when their former D-Coordinator, Clancy Perndergast was fired after the Cardinals loss in the Superbowl. There has been speculation that Butler is the leading candidate to replace Steelers current D-Coordinator, Dick LeBeau, whenever he decides to hang it up. Butler has been integral in the development of the Steeler linebackers especially James Harrison and Lamar Woodley in past few seasons. Losing Butler wouldn't be disastrous but the effects will be felt. The libebackers are the key to our defense and Butler has done an outstanding job developing our young guys. Timmons is ready to replace Larry Foote. Woodley and Harrison have become stars. I would love for Butler to stay on and coach are LB's as the continue to improve and dominate. Once Dick LeBeau retires, he can take over the D.

I think it is a little ridiculous that Arizona feels the need to bring in everyone they can from the Steelers. I know the Steelers are one of if not the best run franchises in any sport but this is getting ridiculous. If Butler heads out west to run the Cards D, their three top coaches will be from Pittsburgh. Whiz is the Head Coach who may take over play calling since Todd Haley left, was our tight end coach and offensive coordinator, Russ Grimm is their assistant head coach and O-line coach, the same positions he held with the Steelers and then their D-Coordinator would be Butler. Not to mention the numerous players they have who were with the Steelers. Some say imitation is the best form of flattery but this is getting a little ridiculous.


Check out the latest from PFT. Apparently, the Steelers have NOT given Arizona permission to interview Butler as was originally reported because the Cards have not even requested it yet.


Scerbo said...

We are the model franchise in the NFL. Unfortunatly, that also means we're other teams personal shopping mall for up-and-coming talent. We build through the draft and promote from within. Other teams build through us.

Anonymous said...

Butler's got a nice stache