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Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Absolutely awesome game. I’m going to try to stay off the emotional high and my biased opinion and not say that this is the greatest Super Bowl ever. But wow. Hats off to the Cards. They put us onto the canvas and almost put us out for the count but Big Bungy and ‘Tone led an amazing Championship winning drive. Here are some more random thoughts.

- If there was a prop bet in Vegas on how many trick plays Arizona would run and the line was 1.5 or under I would have been willing to put my entire bank account (which is practically nothing except I did win $190 on the future bet of the Steez at 18 to 1) on the over and I would have lost everything. Correct me if I’m wrong but not one person has mentioned this in the aftermath. Everyone thought they would before the game and they didn’t take one shot at a trick play after they won Whiz a Super Bowl in Pittsburgh and got him to another with the hapless Cardinals. Interesting and I still feel I am the only person to talk about it.

- Which Super Bowl do you like more XL or XLIII?

- The chimp was finally wrong with his Super Bowl pick.

- Only three weeks until the DVD comes out and then I will have a decision to make on a down day of which DVD to put in to turn my day around.

- Did Willie Parker or any of the Steez runningbacks play in this game? Or for that matter did any Arizona runningbacks play either?

- Larry Fitzgerald is more of a beast than Dave Megget (after breaking in and raping a 21 year old) I loved him at Pitt for the same reason as what he did in the playoffs this year. He killed people and us included. But don’t discredit Ike. He played an awesome game against him. If you take away the one big play which was more Troy and Ry Clark’s fault than his. He holds him to about 50 yards and an unbelievable TD grab in which Ike had pretty good coverage. Fitz’s first TD is not getting the credit it deserves mainly because people have just come to accept Fitz making unreal catches. Going back to Ike he held Fitz to 12 yards and one catch in over 3 quarters.

- Let’s hope we sign McFeezy and Nate. We take them both for granted and hopefully the league hasn’t really noticed them. XLIII doesn’t happen without them.

- Woody and Silverback. Enough said. Woody continues his postseason streak of multiple sacks to four games. He has played in four postseason games. Silverback was cut by the Steez twice and the Nevermores once and now has two Super Bowl Rings, a Defensive Player of the year, and the greatest play in Super Bowl History. What a kick in the balls for the Cards who had at least the game tied and probably the lead until Silverback’s 100 yard Pick Six, the longest play in Super Bowl history. I still think he might deserve MVP. If the three holding penalties he drew counted as sacks as which they should, he would be the MVP. Ben and ‘Tone deserved it as well but Silverback killed people all year and it was about time finally a Ref recognized he gets held on every play. Great execution by the Steez D on the pre-snap of the pick six. Warner had no idea who was going to come and who was going to drop into coverage. He hurriedly threw the slant to Boldin where Silverback was right in the lane in his drop into his zone coverage. Without the perfect deception by the D and the immediate pressure, Warner doesn’t force the throw or might see Siverback and throw it away. Great run back too. I thought he was for sure going to get pushed out of bounds or run down from behind. Great job by the troops to lead the convoy down the field. Great blocks by DeShea, Timmons, and Antrelle Rolle. I hear people complaining about that he got in his way but if he doesn’t would the refs have thrown the flag on the illegal contact? A player cannot run out of bounds and be the first player to touch the ball or the ball carrier. A ref watched Fitz run out and be in on the tackle at the goal line and for some reason didn’t throw the flag.

- I almost cried when Fitz scored. I apologize to Ben for not trusting in him.

- I don’t remember a single commercial.

- Where does our D go down in history?

- Foote wants to play for Detroit?

- Harrison needs a new deal.

- Screaming and high fiving everyone in the street before the game was awesomely fun and really helped the time and anxiety pass.

- Riots in Oakland were unbelievable. DeJuan Blair lit a dumpster on fire on Forbes Ave. Elliot burnt my ex’s neck with his cigar. I inhaled 7/8 of my cigar. I lived even though there were many gigantic horses everywhere. No EpiPen was used either. I was by myself for almost the entire thing somehow. The crowd loved the WWF Belt but not the one Pitt football player or several police officers. A couple officers did touch it though and one pushed me with his nightstick not once, not twice, but three times and I was going the direction where he wanted to go. My friends flipped a car and lit another one on fire. Unfortunately I did not participate. Over 100 people were arrested, The O, Bruegger’s, Boomerang’s and the library had windows smashed, a bus stop was completely demolished and a great time was had by all especially girls making out above the O and except for the one dude I saw get wrecked by a cop and the other kid who got suplexed by a cop and his nightstick.

- ‘Tone was unbelievable. What an amazing drive and TD catch. Kids I hope you learned your lesson—It pays off to smoke weed.

- I can’t stop listening to the PopRocks and the Yinzer Anthem or get them out of my head.

- The parade was so sweet. Tomlin looked as if he couldn’t get enough of it and was loving every second. James Harrison is scary but looked really happy. Rev. Sea Bass (formerly Big Snack but I recently found out he doesn’t like being called that) is gigantic
and looks like Biggie. Troy is nuts. Him and Ry Clark jumped into the fans and crowdsurfed. Clark had some pretty gnarly boots on. There was definitely more people on Grant and Stanwix than at the Inauguration a couple weeks ago. By far. The people at the parade were much more happy than those in DC as well. Big Play Willie gay was sweet on the mike and warned Barack that the team was coming. An awesome by rendition of Renegade by the players on stage although they don't seem to know all the words and I think every player was hammered. DeJuan Blair also made an appearance in the parade. Elliot should have a link with a bunch of pictures soon.

- I’m so excited for the DVD

- I’m still not sure if I like the Super Bowl hats but I will inevitably buy one along with a shirt, the DVD, towel and probably a shitload of other stuff that I don’t have the money for.

- Is there anything better than winning the Super Bowl? Especially with your family and friends in the city that you love? What an amazing weekend from getting my White coat (be prepared to call me Doc G in a couple years) with everyone there to see it to drinking all weekend to capping it off with another World Championship to rioting.

- Does Mitch Berger have to get a ring? I guess I’ll give him one because he actually did play well on the world’s biggest stage. Bruce Arians too, I guess… sigh.

- Heath Miller is sweet and so is Ry Clark.

- Quotes of the day today, Ry – “All we did all year was smash faces” Rev. Sea Bass (Casey Hampton or RSB)- “It’s goin’ down baby all off season we gon’ party and tear the city up.”

- RSB took his shirt off at the parade. He is so great and a beast.

- Where does Bungy rank all time? Does he have Hall of Fame numbers yet? Unbelievable poise and drive by still a young kid. He proved he deserved the cool $102 million.

- Farrior and Nate played most of the game pretty hurt but refused to come out of the game.

- There is a Troy Polamalu FatHead with my name on it.

- Don’t remember the half time show either

- Were the 3-D commercials cool?

- I feel like Dan Marino gets pissed every time any quarterback wins the Super Bowl.

- Thank you to everyone who reads and gave us support in our virgin season. Hopefully you all enjoyed it as much as we did. It paid off don’t you say?

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