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Friday, February 13, 2009

Steelers Fill Out Offseason Roster

According to the post-gazette, the Steelers signed 10 players to help fill out their offseason roster.

Seven of them were on their practice squad last season:
WR Dallas Baker, C/G Doug Legursky, CB Roy Lewis, S Ryan Mundy, TE Dezmond Sherrod, RB Justin Vincent and LB Donovan Woods.

Three new players signed are RB Stefan Logan, WR Brandon Williams and FB
Ryan Powdrell.

Odds these players make the roster
Dallas Baker - He was active in the early part of the regular season. The Steelers depth at WR is very limited, so don't be surprised to see Baker make the roster next year. Vegas says: 3/2

Roy Lewis - The undrafted rookie appeared to have a chance of making the team last year. If McFadden isn't re-signed, Lewis will compete for the 4th cornerback spot behind Ike, Willie Gay, and Deshea. Vegas says: 3/1

Stefan Logan - rushed for 889 yards on 122 carries (7.3 avg.) and caught 52 passes for 477 yards (9.2 avg.) and three TDs in 2008 with the British Columbia Lions of the Canadian Football League. His only chance of making the roster is as a kick return specialist. Seeing as though his competition is Gary Russell and Carey Davis, he should get a fair shot. Steeler fans pray he is capable of returning a kick off past the 30 yard line. Vegas says: 3/1

Donovan Woods - Possible special teamer. Vegas says: 7/2

Ryan Mundy - If Anthony Smith isn't re-signed, Mundy could be a back up safety and special teamer. Vegas says: 4/1

Legursky, Vincent, Sherrod - I don't know much about this crew, but my guess is they don't have much of a shot. Vegas says: 10/1

Brandon Williams, Ryan Powdrell - The competition at fullback and wide receiver is thin, but this is the first time I've heard of either player. That doesn't bode well for their chances. Vegas says: No line


Scerbo said...

I think if Nate get released, Baker can step up and fill that role. I also like Mundy. He played well at WVU and I think he can be productive in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

He hasn't had many chances, but my confidence in Dallas Baker isn't very high. I haven't seen much to make me think he will be a productive #3 WR. Maybe if Sweed steps up into Nate's role, Baker can be the #4 guy