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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Media Day Videos

NFL.com posted interviews from media day with our favorite Steelers. If you are interested, you can find interviews with coaches and players. Here are some of my favorites:

Ryan Clark - Clark calls out Deion Sanders for labeling Clark's hit on Willis McGahee illegal. It turns out Clark got bad information from his wife.

Dick Lebeau - The humble grandfather of the zone blitz talks about the creation of the blitz and joy of coaching. It's easy to see why the players love him.

Bruce Arians - The confident (read arrogant) coach explains why all offenses are the same. Adding to the enjoyment is Steve Marriuci trying to interview Arians over the bleachers while Arians offers no attempt to make Marriuci's job any easier. I particularly like the leg slap at the end.

Santonio Holmes - Holmes is dumbfounded when he learns that Arizona coaches siad that Dominique Rogers-Cromartie will cover Holmes one-on-one all game. Holmes doesn't lack confidence and claims that he can't be covered by one man. He also predicts that LaMarr Woodley could be MVP.

Hines Ward's Knee - Ward's knee says that it will be fine for Sunday. It just needs more Gatorade.

NOTE: I just realized that all of the links go to the same page. I trust that you can navigate to find the videos that you desire.

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