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Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts that I’ve been having for the past week.

1) How sweet it was to not only see the Eagles lose yet another NFC Championship, but even better they got twerked early by Fitz then came back to lead by two, only to have Kurt and Co. come back and then stuff them. So theoretically they lost the game twice in their heads. Then to put some icing on the cake and some extra sugar the Steelers won a trip to XLIII on the same day as the Eagles getting crushed. Bliss! Disclaimer: This does not revenge 2004 when the roles were reversed and Eagles won and Steelers lost on the same day, which is one of the worst days of my life when it was coupled along with meeting a girl who completely sucks and still hangs around to this day. Other worst moments of my life include ’92 NLCS, Super Bowl XXX, every other AFC championship game except for seasons of 1995, and 2005.

2) Fitz is a complete beast. Not only do I still love him from when he was killing people at Pitt, but he now is an Eagle killer and is a huge recruiting tool for Pitt. I was recently at the UPMC Southside facility (which Pitt and Steelers share) and his picture and trophies are everywhere in the Pitt side of the facility.

3) I saw this on Mondesishouse but it is completely ridiculous. Art Rooney Jr.’s AFC Championship hat has the Steelers insignia upside down. How does one hat have an upside down symbol and it make it onto the field and have the Team President wear it on national television? If anyone gets their hands on that I’m sure a crazed Steelers would pay top dollar for it.

4) The question of the Super Bowl will be can Fitz get single coverage down the field? If he does the Steez will be in big big trouble. A comforting factor is that the Steez are the best team of not letting up the big play. Except for the SD playoff game I think we let up two pass plays over 40 yards and one was a fluke tipped ball to Reggie Wayne. I think Dicky will devise a system to shut Fitz down as much as a team can. Look for Ike to blanket him and have Ry Clark over the top with help although this may not be enough. Whiz will undoubtedly run a bunch of trick plays too. Can he come up with one the Steez haven’t ran yet from when he was with us?

5) If we win and Dicky retires our D could be in a bad chain reaction. Much of the defense loves LeBeau like a father/brother. They have been quotes that they say if he wasn’t the coach they would lose the passion to still play. Older players like Farrior, Foote, Aaron Smith could want to call it quits after illustrious careers and two Super Bowls. They will lose their favorite coach who they will give everything for and may not want to learn a new system and prove themselves to someone they don’t love. And they could win the Super Bowl and ride into the sunset with their beloved coordinator. Also players such as Bryant McFadden and other free agents may opt to leave. If they are going to have a learn a new system for a guy they don’t know/love why not do it for the most money possible? Most of the loyalty would be to Dick to stay.

6) If Dick retires that would be the end of the annual ‘Twas the Night before Christmas reading in the locker room on Christmas Eve. I have a vivid picture in my head of Dick Lebeau sitting on a wooden chair with his Santa hat on and 53 way too overgrown men sitting on the floor being complete squirrels and hooting and hollering to the creator of the zone blitz. I would love to be able to witness that scene. It has to be hilariously funny to see.

7) Casey Hampton is a huge beast. He is one of the many reasons our D is so good. I can’t think of anyone else that I’d want to have a beer/party with more.

8) What would be the more interesting story line? Turnpike Super Bowl or Pittsburgh v. Pittsburgh West? I know that if it were the former I would definitely overdose on Zanax and/or Klonopin.

9) If we win and shut down the Cards O where does our D rank in history? Can they top the Steel Curtain of old? The 85 Bears? 2000 Ravens?

10) I am pledging to only drink IC brew until the Super Bowl.

11) Elliot forgot to mention that this year in Vegas there was another prognosticator. Not quite the one of the Colts game. Bet he was a random guy who came up unprovoked and knew the Steelers would win and cover. Also the man in an OSU shirt called the Troy pick 6.

12) PITTSBURGHS GOIN TO THE SUPER BOWL!!! Bringin’ home the six pack or as per Elliot Second Hand Smokin’

PS More thoughts to come soon I’m sure I forgot a bunch and will think of more.

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