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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If the Steelers were a girl, what kind of girl would she be?

That's the question posed by the crew at nfltouchdown.com.

Ms. Steeler is the cute girl who, when you first see, you think you’ll be the only one who finds her really attractive. But you eventually find out that just about everyone has deciphered this very same thing, thus making her a full-fledged diamond out of the rough. There’s a captivating ordinariness about Ms. Steeler’s beauty, augmented by some random characteristic like a really cute dimple or her sexiness in glasses. She’s a jock, but not the gross kind. Ms. Steeler is smart, fun-loving and comes from a good home. And she leads a refreshingly grounded life.

Sounds like exactly the kind of girl I would like. Then again, I'd date just about any girl wearing a Troy Polamalu jersey.

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Anonymous said...

lol pretty funny