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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steelers Snuggie

/Using my late Billy Mays voice

Have you ever been cold while watching a Steelers game, but couldn't bear to cover up your favorite team's colors? Have you ever had trouble answering the phone during halftime because you were wrapped up in one of those traditional Steelers blankets? Well, then I have the product for you.

A Steelers snuggie! Now you can keep warm, answer phones, and look ridiculous with one fabulous product.

Did I say "look ridiculous?" She looks pretty darn good to me.

The Steelers Snuggie. So, after we crush the Ravens, your body will be as warm as your heart.

/End Billy Mays Voice

Shout out to Cotter at One for the Other Thumb for finding this must have product.

1 comment:

Jane Pogue said...

I definitely want at least 2 of the steeler snuggies. I have been hunting them everywhere. How much are they? Jpcous