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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Browns Preview 1

Notes from week 1:

It feels absolutely great to have football back. It was hell without football, even with the ‘Guins quest for Lord Stanley and the Olympics can you possibly imagine the offseason without either of these or March Madness? Killing the Texans was fun but let’s keep our heads level here. Act like you’ve been here before, this isn’t Filthadelphia. We actually have won before. This is only week one and one win of the season-it’ll take about nine more just to make the playoffs. Another three or four from there is what we are looking for(One for the other thumb). Tomlin’s reaction after the missed 4th and 1 on the Texans’ first drive was the second greatest reaction I’ve seen since Bungy was gunslinging in Denver in the AFC Championship game with Phelps in the 4 x 100 easily beating Mikey out (and Ben, too).

The main theme of week one was injuries, Tom “I am infinitely better than everyone on the planet” Brady easily being the biggest. Although this is a huge setback for the Pats, don’t count them out just yet. Even with the Bills and the Bretts looking good and decent, respectively, the East is still the Pats to lose. I am surprised that Brady was put on IR so quickly, I thought they would have left a roster spot open so when his knee was miraculously healed five months early he could play in the playoffs.

But anyway, enough ranting and on to the Shits. With many projecting the Browns to be the North champions, and the Indians being out of it for a while, “Believeland” was in full force behind the Brownies. They looked just like Brownies (Girl Scouts or pastries) against the ‘Boys. Bron Bron was seen on the Dallas sideline sporting a Yanks cap just to pour salt in the wound. A win this week against the Browns could give us a big lead in the division, especially over the “strongest” team in our division.

When the Steelers have the ball:

Once again the Steez play another weak defensive team, both from last year and last week. Last season the Browns let up 23.9 points per game and had the 30th overall defense. Last week they let up huge numbers to the Cowboys and it was never actually a game. Romo and the ‘Boys torched them. This week the Steelers should have similar success against a poor Browns D if Bung’s shoulder is not hurt. He said that he sat out practice on Wednesday as a precaution and its fine. The addition of Shaun Rogers helped but the loss of Antwan Peek didn’t exactly help. Look for the Steelers to give Hartwig (GIANT upgrade from Mahan) from one of the guard positions. Hartwig has played and did well against Rogers in the past. Willie should have another big game. I would really like to see Arians open up the playbook and give him some touches through the air and also to put Fast Willie Parker (FWP) and Mendenhall together in the backfield. Santonio will hopefully play a bigger role in the game but if he plays the same role as last week and the outcome is still the same you will hear no complaints coming from here. Other Browns players on the injury report include Kamerion Wimbley, Brodney Pool, Kris Griffin, and Sean Jones. Also if Dallas Baker gets in the game look for him to live up to his “Touchdown Maker” moniker.

When the Browns have the ball:

The Steez D surprised me last week playing as well as they did. I expected them to be good just not as good as they played. I think that there is more to come this week. Silverback (Harrison) and Woody had stellar games and should cause some real problems again for Derek Anderson. The Browns have some weapons on offense including Braylon Edwards and Soldier Winslow (is Private Winslow more politically correct?) but if the Browns don’t protect Anderson their weapons will be held in check. It is possible that if Anderson plays poorly there could be calls for Brady Quinn. Polamalu should be on Winslow and hopefully will put him on lock down. Braylon can always cause problems but he was second in the league in drops, too. The Steez run D should play awesome again this week. Jamal Lewis should be limited especially if the Browns get behind early. Big Snack looked awesome last week and, Farrior, Foote, Timmons and Clark should all have good games again this week. Also Donte’ Stallworth and Josh Cribbs are listed as questionable on the injury report.

Special Teams:

Josh Cribbs has killed the Steelers many times in the return game and if he’s healthy look out. I know that the special teams did an awesome job last week, but does that erase years of sucking? I am not completely convinced of our kick coverage yet.


The Steez should come away with a huge division win in primetime football. I think they are going to win big if Bung is healthy but anything can happen in a rivalry game and in primetime. If Ben’s shoulder isn’t good, this game could be very interesting. Look for us to gain some momentum going into Philly in week 3.

Great work by PGH in Steelers Potpourri and Kemo KO's


zbuzzy7 said...

gelftran your description is very accurate. The browns d sucks big fat dongs and ours is above average. We will beat them at least 28-10 and they will realize they are nothing more than a tease team after we put them in their place.

tucker said...

How fat is Casey Hampton?