Who are the SteezBros?

Welcome to SteezBros! SteezBros is a Steeler Blog run by three brothers who are all huge Steeler fans. If the true definition of fan is fanatic, we fit the bill. We were born into Steeler fandom. Love of the Steelers goes back many generations in our family. It's in our blood. You can read our "Welcome to SteezBros" post in the archive if you are interested in more information about us and the blog. Thanks for reading and check back often!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to SteezBros

We here at SteezBros have decided that our love, dedication and passion for all things Pittsburgh Steelers is so unquestionably great, that the world (i.e. those that have the internet and can read English) can no longer go on without us espousing our views on our favorite subject. Our goal is to provide extremely biased coverage, commentary, opinion and evaluation of everything that goes on regarding our favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers and probably some NFL stuff thrown in as well.

As a new Steeler season is about to begin, we could not think of a better time to start blogging about the boys in Black and Gold (yes, I will try to come up with as many different names for the Steelers as possible) mainly to feed our own growing egos and give us an outlet for the variety of rants that ensue each week after the Steez play.

You may be wondering who are the SteezBros and why are they of the opinion they can write a blog about the Steelers. We are three brothers, born in DuBois, PA which is about two hours north east of Pittsburgh. Our mother was born and raised in Pittsburgh to parents who watched every Pirate and Steelers game screaming at the TV. One favorite experience of ourselves and our friends was watching Steelers' games with my grandma who is a constant stream of loud shrieks, profanity and "'at a baby's," while seemingly never knowing what is going on in the game. As most of you Steeler fans are, we are lifers. Born and raised on the Steelers never to be the same again. It's in our blood.

As the generations before us have passed along their love of the Steez to us. We want to return the favor and pass it on to others. We have chosen this format, thanks to the miracle of the internet, in furtherance of that lofty goal.

My name is Elliot. I am a third year law student at the University of Pittsburgh. My brother, Josh is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently living in Denver working as a financial analyst in an investment banking firm. And my brother Alex is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh Pharmacy School. We won't be the only contributors to SteezBros. We are planning guest appearances from some quality characters you will come to adore as much as we do.

So, please check back often and tell your friends about the blog. We will try to update as much as needed and as much as time allows. Thanks for listening. Feel free to respond in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Great. More Pittsburgh propaganda clogging up bandwidth on the internet. I demand blogging rights if you use my likeness. MCain Palin 08!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the steelers!!!! Awesome site guys. We are going to dominate this year. STEEZ RULE!!!!

Anonymous said...

here we go. here we go. Steelers going to the superbowl!

Road to the super bowl goes through the burgh this year baby!!!

Scerbo said...

Finally, after years of anticipation and excitement, the true voice of steelers fans will be heard by all... this is going to be great!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The most touching mission statement I have ever read....

Here We Go
We Had em All the Way
Atta Baby

Third Generation Trachtenbergs....Your puppy and gramma would be kvelling if only they could ust the net. I love the SteezBros more than I love the Steelers. Now that's the best endorsement you'll ever get. Thanks for taking the torch (or should i say the Terrible Towel) and passing it on!!

Anonymous said...

Equal time for Obama/Biden, Higham
What kind of son of mine are you?????????????

harpo-steez said...

Hi guys, what a great idea. I like the picture, my favorite guys other than the Steelers!! Steezmom transformed me into a Steeler fan a long time ago and still going strong. Superbowl here we come. I really love the site, will be back. Love ya!!! PS. Biden...are you for real???

tucker said...

NO coverage?? Another clear example that NFL games are fixed. A field goal in that late game situation seemed the appropriate choice to me. Possibly I am biased because I had money on the game, but I saw no possible benefit in running the ball into a wall of defenders deep in enemy territory. A 47 yard field goal, easily attainable for Reed, would have given us the lead by 7 and used just as much time as that stupid fudge up the middle. However, I saw it coming. Tomlin looked at the clock and then the score board and was puzzled, as if he got some kind of command in his headset: "spread is 6...DON"T COVER". I knew it was over for me. RIDICULOUS. On a more positive note the steelers won HERE WE GO STEELERS!