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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Texans Post Game Quick Hits

One of the worst memories of my Steeler-fan career occurred when the expansion Texans beat the Steelers despite gaining only 47 yards of offense. Early in the game on Sunday, the Steelers looked like they might hold Houston to 47 yards of total offense. Luckily for Pittsburgh fans, our quarterback situation has drastically improved from the days of Tommy Maddux. Today, the Steelers built and insurmountable lead by the time the Texans put together any semblance of an offense.

Here are some quick hit thoughts about the opening game:

- Say what you want about Mike Tomlin (I’m still a doubter), but he is definitely the biggest bad ass head coach in the NFL

Taking the mantle from Jerome Bettis of most well manicured facial hair

- After a couple early completions, the Steelers defense clamped down and dominated the Texans. I entered the season with BIG doubts about our defense. Troy has been overrated the last two years and the turnovers and sacks were definitely lacking. But, Lamarr Woodley showed that there is reason to believe that Blitzburgh is back. Woodley and Harrison harassed Schaub all day. Aaron Smith and Big Snack showed that the running game should be removed from Steelers opponents’ game plans. The Steelers forced three turnovers and had five sacks. This must continue all year. We’re only a legitimate threat to win it all if our D makes big plays.

- Tough day for Duane Brown. Maybe he’ll feel better that Marvel let allowed a couple sacks from Super Mario.

- Some day the media will realize that Big Ben is the third best QB in the league.

- Despite the big lead at halftime, the O-line didn’t show me much in the running game. Parker had a couple of big runs, but there weren’t many holes. Then again, I think the majority of runs were to the right behind Simmons and Colon, the worst starters on the team. I’ll be interested to see the o-line reports from postgameheroes and AOL Fanhouse.

- I felt much better after the first drive of the second half. A 10-play, 71 yard drive that featured 9 runs.

- Man crush, Hines Ward

- The special teams didn’t suck. This is high praise from me. Hopefully, guys like Woods, Fox, Timmons, and Gay will keep it up


Andrew Johnston said...

I'm the opposite of a Tomlin doubter. I'm starting to think that he was the best choice for the job. Although, we all would have loved to see Whisenhunt or Russ Grimm take over - leave them to the NFC and mediocrity. He certainly have the right level of intensity to coach a defensive team. Fast Willie looked solid and amassed more TDs in one game than he had in almost 16 games last year. Big Ben was typical, consistent Big Ben. Missed one pass all day. Other the sack/fumble caused by Mario Williams it was perfect play. But, hey, he's Mario Williams and one of the best DEs in the league.

Scerbo said...

Quality anecdote to open the post Josh, and yes, what strides we have made at the QB position since then. I'm starting to side with Jacks (last post) regarding Tomlin doubting. I really think he's got the team's attention and that everyone believes they can do great things this year. That being said, this year could open eerily similiar to last year when we blew people away early in the season and then sucked balls in December. If we can sustain this level of play throughout the entire season... I'll be very impressed.

Elliot said...

I think Josh's concerns about Tomlin are more game management issues. He has been awful with challenges.

steezmom said...

If ever one were to have a "man crush" this is a worthy one to have!