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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jim Johnson > Bruce Arians

If you watched the Steelers-Eagles game, you know it wasn't the high scoring affair that most experts expected. It was more like what you would expect in a Ravens-Chiefs game. Ben Roethlisberger is still running for his life behind a line that looked more like a pop warner squad than professionals that get paid millions to do their craft. In the battle of position coaches, Jim Johnson sure looked like a genius. Bruce Arians probably shouldn't show his face at Primanti Bros. any time soon. In Arians defense, the offensive line completely let him down. This much maligned unit allowed 9 sacks and countless other pressures. Big Ben left the game late with an injury. For Steelers fans, it was basically our worst nightmare coming true.

Despite all the pressure, the offense did not make any real adjustments. Where were the RB screens? Quick dump offs? Quick slants? Until the very end of the game, the formula was the same. Ben drops back to pass, avoids one unblocked man, gets hit by a different defender that smoked one of the offensive lineman, then another defensive player who beat his man jumped on top of the pile.

It's tough to put together any rational thoughts after watching that stink bomb. But, I'll do my best.

- The Steelers defense was abused early in the game. It was everything I have come to hate. No pressure on the quarterback (scheme related). McNabb dumped it off to RBs that were quicker than Steelers LBs. Foote missed countless plays. We couldn't get off the field on third down. Steelers cornerbacks played 15 yards off Wrs on third and 3. McNabb completes his first 15 passes. Basic, ugly football.

- But the defense turned it around. They forced three turnovers, pressured McNabb, and completely shut down the Eagles offense when it needed too. Troy looked like the best safety in the league and Woodley continued his stellar play. Timmons got some pressure. (It didn't hurt that Westbrook went out with an injury. )

- The special teams coverage units weren't as good as the last two games, but they did their job. The Eagles punter was spectacular. Unless the question is how do you run in a straight line, Mendenhall is not the answer at kick returner. Santonio had a couple shots at punt returner, but the punts were too good to make any judgments.

- Games are won in the trenches. The Eagles offensive and defensive lines played much better than the Steelers. Big Ben will be sore tomorrow. I like the Andy Reid philosophy of protecting your Qb with lineman better than Tomlin's philosophy of protecting your Qb with skill position players.

- Pittsburgh sure didn't look like the class of the AFC. But don't freak out, it was one game. Hopefully, Larry Zierlien, Bruce Arians, and Mike Tomlin learned something about this team. Next up, the AFC North leading Baltimore Ravens

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