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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Texans Preview

When the Steelers have the ball:

I look for the Steez to march up and down the field on a shaky Houston D. The Texans were 19th against the run last year and 25th against the pass for a 24th overall ranking in defense. Look for Bungy to throw the ball all over the place to San Antonio, Hines, Heath, Nate from little Tiffin and Dallas Baker the Touchdown Maker is even going to put up his first big league TD. The Texans let up a shocking 66.1% of passes be completed which was next to last in the league. Willie should run rampant through the Houston D. Outside of Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans and possibly Amobi Okoye the Texans don’t have any real play makers on defense. Williams will probably switch sides and go against Willie Colon and Marvel Smith. If the Texans aren’t retarded they should do everything they possibly can to try to get Williams one-on-one with Colon, but Tomlin and Co. won’t let that happen. They will give Colon TE help with Williams or have the RB chip or seal off Williams. Kemo should go to the second level and kill Ryans, but Ryans will still lead his team in tackles. I’d love to see Arians throw Mendenhall and Parker in the backfield at the same time. I don’t know how teams could stop that especially still having to contain Bungy throwing to Holmes and Ward. Hopefully if all goes well maybe our 7.5 million dollar backup Tackle/3rd TE and catch a TD to put the icing on the cake.

When the Texans have the ball:

The Texans could have an explosive offense this year with Schaub slingin’ the ball around to Andre Johnson, a huge deep ball threat, Kevin Walter, led the team in receptions, and TE Owen Daniels. If the old Polamalu isn’t back and last year’s Polamalu is still hangin’ around Daniels could reek some real havoc in the game. Foote, Timmons, and Woody aren’t the greatest in pass coverage and if Polamalu can’t stop Daniels, he could put up a couple scores. The run D should have a good day with the Texans having a banged up O line and an aging Ahman Green running the football. The Big Snack of old should show up and Woody and Silverback (Harrison) will hopefully pressure Schaub into some poor decisions. Hopefully the 2008 team will bring back the big play on defense.

Special Teams

Always a weakness for the Men of Steel is special teams. Andre Davis is for real and will probably bust at least one big return. This is the Achilles heel of our team. We really need to step up our special teams play if we want to be an actual contender. Mitch Berger will hopefully adequately fill Daniel “I kill people” Sepulveda shoes. He is a 13 year veteran and should be alright. Skippy has been completely solid the past couple years and looks like he will continue kicking well and hitting on anything that walks. Mendenhall will be returning kicks and could be dangerous as long as he holds on to the ball.


I see the Steez winning by 13-17 points. They’re gonna move the ball and limit the Texans Offense but will probably let up a score or two and a couple field goals.


dave h said...

It seems to me that you should put up a game preview before the game, not after. Just my 2 cents.

Alex said...

I thought Elliot was gonna post it but he thought I was going to. Small miscommunication

Scerbo said...

Nice prediction on the Dallas Baker TD because I don't think I saw him in the game once.

Alex said...

He wasn't in very much but Leftwich throws the ball too hard for him to catch it anyway

steezmom said...

By far the best written commentary to date. Could this be the next Myron Cope??????????