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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Game Day #2 Links

Here are some links about the Steez to hold you over until the 4:15 kickoff. Lots of people are picking against the Steelers today. I personally think they will win.

Here is a decent read about new Miami Hurricanes offensive co-ordinator Mark Whipple, who was the Steelers QB coach in 2005 and was a candidate for Steelers offensive co-ordinator when Tomlin was hired and Whisenhunt left but was fired for Bruce Arians. Nice pick, Tomlin.

A couple things from PFT:

-A disclaimer, PFT is well known for rumor mongering and it is pretty much the main way they generate traffic. That being said, here is one rumor saying Fast Willie may have had a strained hamstring last week begging the question, why did he play?

-Are the Steelers just being stubborn for not bringing in new offensive lineman? Check it out, here.
Florio loves to hate on the Steelers and stir up the Steeler's Nation so read this with a grain of salt.

A piece from the Trib saying the Steelers may have running problems against the Bears D. Shocking revelation if I ever heard one, especially judging by last week. Oh, but Willie was hurt. I'm sure that was the issue. The Bears D is pretty banged up with Urlacher out especially. I for one think our running will be more successful.

Is Steeler football as we knew it a thing of the past:

-from PFT, another stir the pot piece, here.

-from the Post-Gazette, here.

A good look at the Bears and what their papers and blogs are saying from Behind the Steel Curtain, here.

Enjoy the game. Go STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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