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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hartwig Extension

The Steelers have signed center Justin Hartwig to a 4-year $10 million contract according to the Post. This is almost guaranteed to be the last signing before the season and we all know that we don't negotiate during the season. My question is why does there seem to be absolutely no effort to sign Ryan Clark? Ryan is a huge huge reason our defense and Troy are as good as they are. Troy can do whatever he wants on defense because Ry Clark has his back and covers where Troy isn't. Seeing as Troy has the freedom to just use his instincts and doesn't always have an assignment on a play this is tremendously hard to do. Like the pick six in the AFC Title game? Troy felt the play going where it did, that's not where he was supposed to be. Ryan is the reason Troy is Troy. I don't think Ryan Mundy or Ty Carter can step in like Ryan Clark is playing right now. Clark has said he loves it here and does not want to move his family again. Here's to hoping that doesn't happen.


Anonymous said...

I agree on your Ryan Clark analysis. His signing is easily the most underrated of the last 5 years. Since Chris Hope left they've been struggling to find a replacement safety that can play alongside Troy. Anthony, "I garuntee a win," Smith was a bust and I don't think Mundy will turn into the starter they were hoping he would. Hartwig is mediocore at best and we should be focusing on signing some important players.

Josh said...

I would also prefer to invest in Ryan Clark. I don't understand why the front office is giving millions of dollars to a bad offensive line. Great, we have Starks, Kemo, and Hartwig locked up. Guess we should get used to seeing a lack of running lanes and Big Ben on his bottom.

Tim said...

The only reason I have seen as to why the Steelers aren't jumping to sign Ryan Clark is because of his kamikaze-style type of play which would make him prone to injury. I think that style of play is what makes him great and all the more reason to sign him; injuries will happen no matter what. Ryan is easily my favorite Steeler and I hope he is one for a long time.