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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


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Here is my first random thought/rant post of the year. As we begin the 2009 season here’s some of what I think, want to see happen, maybe a prediction if you’re lucky, and any other thought I may think of along the way.

Take in the last couple days of being the Super Bowl Champions. As per approximately 8:30 PM EST on Thursday night, the 2008 championship is the past. In no way will it ever be forgotten but as far as I am concerned, which I may be drinking Tomlin flavored Kool-Aid here, the page will be turned and we need to move forward and onto winning Super Bowl XLIV. This is a new team and it will face new issues, new struggles, and has new players. Although there are many of the same faces, to me there is no correlation between the 2008 and 2009 Steez. The slate is washed clean and winning the Super Bowl last season will not win any games for us this year. We must start at the foundation and build the team again with hopefully the same end result of last year and add yet another Championship to an amazing franchise.

Finally football is back! The dog days of Summer are over and finally I can pass my time reading and watching everything football. Thankfully the Pens played as long as they could to help pass the time of the beginning of summer, which was a great ride. The second part of summer has been very slow and hard to endure. But football is back! Rejoice. For the next six months it will be here. Take it in as much as you can.

Speaking of the Pens, Sid, Geno, and the gang are delivering season tickets personally. How cool is that? Sid even brought the cup to one dedicated fan’s house! Is there any way that we can petition the Steelers to do that too? Which players on the Steez would you think would do it and who on the team would you most want to deliver your tickets? Personally I would want Snack, Ry Clark, or Bungy. Maybe Ike just so I could Swag with him.

I am really excited for the 2009 Steez squad. Our O has all the weapons it could hope for and I think this year our Defense may outdo the 2008 D. I am pumped about Timmons starting (eventually after healing) and Stefan Logan if he can keep it up is going to be electrifying. Ben and ‘Tone should take more steps at improving on stellar performances last year, as should Limas. We should have five solid receivers and maybe if we are lucky we may be and I mean maybe be able to run a successful screen. I wouldn’t put money on that one however. If we could that would help our O line tremendously helping to ease of some pressure. Our line looked really good in pass pro. this preseason although the Bills are who stick out most in my mind and aren’t that good in the pass rush department. Run blocking and Mendenhall look like question marks.

On Thursday look for us to try to jump on the Titans quickly and establish a lead. I think we will come out throwing the ball and spreading the ball around the field to set up the run. This should be a tough game but one we can/should win. I am planning on our D to stop everything especially if Nate Washington cannot play. He has a hamstring injury. The Post Gazette revealed that ‘Tone has a back injury from a helmet in the Washington game but should be okay. Timmons most likely will not play but Keyaron Fox is beastly and has been all preseason and on special teams the past couple years. The D should not skip a beat.

Also in the Post Gazette today, Skippy was offered a deal the other night and turned it down with his agent saying it was a very low offer.

Will Ike Taylor’s self intro still be him attending Swaggin’ as a school? I certainly hope so and hopefully many a people throughout the league “wont be able to see him this year”

If this is Big Snack’s last season with the Steez, will his impressive list of nicknames follow him? I hope he’s not done in Black ‘n Gold.

Richard Seymour to the Raiders for a 2011 first round pick? Although I like the Pats losing him I definitely don’t like them getting another 1st rounder. But Seymour also is not reporting to Oakland as he’s sorting things out in NE. Al Davis has completely lost it for the record.

I think the Steez, baring injury will again be the class of the AFC. Look for the Pats, possibly SD if Rivers doesn’t choke like I always hope he does, Miami could be good, Balt will be tough and if Flacco and Harbaugh are following Ben’s and Mikey T’s footsteps then we may be trouble. I think we remember what happened in Ben’s and Mike’s second years respectively. In the NFC, the East will be the beast with the G men and Eagles the class of the conference. I don’t think the Vikes are as good as everyone thinks but a poor division will help. Can the Cards get back up after a knockdown and come back for seconds? I think it’s gonna be a 2004 QB class final.

Ill be back later with more.

Any thoughts I missed or thoughts of your own? Comment it baby!


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